Potato Day 2021 will be our 13th Annual Event! 
Save the date – Saturday 30th January 2021

Pre-orders from mid October – start your online pre order here.

Potato Day has become an annual event where Transition Chesterfield provide a large number different varieties of premium Scottish seed potatoes, onion sets, shallots, garlic bulbs, and many different varieties of pea and bean seeds for growers in our area. We also have Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser and reusable JBA Potato Growing Planters at discount prices.

The potatoes are supplied by one of the most reputable suppliers of Scottish seed potatoes Jamieson Brothers of Annan (JBA) and are certified virus free.

The garlic, shallots, onions, peas and beans are supplied by a local Derbyshire wholesale seed supply company to EU Rules and Standards.

We purchase these at trade prices so that we can provide them for the best possible price to the growers of the Chesterfield area.

The beauty of our method of selling seed potatoes is that people can try a number of different varieties by buying, say 3 or 4 tubers, and growing them in their back garden or in a tub, sack, planter or other container. Buying from a garden centre usually is in 2 or 2.5kg nets which contain at least 20 potatoes of the same variety.

Pre-Order Discounts

We offer a Pre Order Discount for all of the products if ordered between Mid-October and  3rd December 2020 to encourage early orders. On Potato Day itself growers can come on the day to select the specific varieties they would like at our regular low prices.

Pre-Order Leaflet

If you are not able to order online the 2021 leaflet will be available from mid-October 2020. Please note that as a volunteer organisation ordering online is our preferred method and our leaflet simply duplicates what we show on the website. If you would like us to send you a copy of the new leaflet, please text ‘Potato Day’ and your name and address to: 07834 838076 or email :  spud@potatoday.org.uk

Actual Potato Day in Chesterfield

The Potato Day sale will be in Central Chesterfield occupying an empty shop unit in The Pavements Shopping Centre between 10.00am and 2.00pm on Saturday 30th January 2021. Pre-orders will be made up and can be collected from 9.30am on the day.

We will contact all people making orders to confirm this arrangement.

Other Arrangements and Potato Days

As last year, we are working with a number of partners who are running similar events in other places. As an example, if you have made your order from the Loughborough area your pre-ordered stock will be available at the Potato Day organised by Transition Loughborough in the town centre of Loughborough on the same day as the Chesterfield event unless you tell us otherwise. We also usually have a bulk order from the Hathersage allotment group. Our contact email for any enquiries: spud@potatoday.org.uk

Can You Spare Some Time?

As before, we’re looking for volunteers to help out the day before and on the day of the event. Please email spud@potatoday.org.uk if you can help out.

Why Do We Do This?

Potato Day helps and encourages many people to take that first step in growing their own food. It also helps out those who are already growing their own. Leftover potatoes are donated to local schools for the students to grow, and the money we raise helps pay for our long-term project to maintain our organic demonstration garden in Chesterfield (The Inspire Community Garden) and to plant fruit trees and other edible plants in public places.

Other projects are funded by Transition Chesterfield to help people in the area be more self-sufficient, sustainable and reduce their carbon footprints.

Please help us do all these things by spreading the news about Potato Day.