POTATO DAY 2021 will be on Saturday 30th January

Pre orders can be collected between 9.30am and 2.00pm (also on Friday 29th between 6.00pm and 7.00pm with prior arrangement)


How to order

  1. Select a category above, e.g. ‘Maincrop’ or ‘Legumes’ etc.
  2. Move down the page selecting ‘Add to Shopping Basket’ for any variety you would like to order. Note that ‘Add to Shopping Basket’ will only be displayed when pre-ordering is open!
  3. Go to any other category and continue to select ‘Add to Shopping Basket’ to include a variety on your order.
  4. When finished select ‘Shopping Basket’ where you will see a complete list of the varieties you have selected.
  5. Go down each line of your order entering the quantity of each variety you wish to order.  It will only adjust one quantity at a time. Press ‘RETURN’ or ‘ENTER’ after each change to submit the new quantity on each line.
  6. Please check that your order is correct and then select ‘Check Out with PayPal’.
  7. Payment can be made with a Paypal account, if you have one, or with debit or credit cards. If you select debit or credit card payment you will be invited to enter your billing information and card details in the usual way and you don’t have to register with PayPal.
  8. Note that you should leave the ‘delivery address’ box ticked, this will send us your address but all orders must be picked up on 30th January 2021.
  9. When completed, you will receive an automatic email with details of the transaction, what you ordered and what you have paid. The PayPal transaction will be made with ”Transition Chesterfield’.