Potato Day 2023 will be on Saturday 28th January

Pre orders open 10th October 2022

Plant First Early seed potatoes mid-late March, dependant on weather conditions. All of our Scottish seed potatoes are supplied by JBA (Jamieson Brothers of Annan) and are certified virus free.

Apply 135g/sq m (4oz per sq yard) of fertiliser to the soil before planting and gently work into the soil.

Estimated harvest time 10-12 weeks.

Pre-order price = 15p each

Potato Day price = 16p each

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Arran Pilot. A long-time popular favourite, one of the best boiling spuds available. White skinned tubers with shallow eyes. Great resistance to all forms of scab.

Heritage variety      Best kitchen uses: BOIL – CHIP



Casablanca. A new white skinned variety with shallow eyes. Brilliant exhibition variety and versatile in the kitchen too. Very early – crops in as little as 62 days! This variety is very good when grown in containers.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – CHIP – MASH – ROAST



Epicure. A highly sought after floury ‘new’ potato with white skin and creamy white flesh of delicious flavour. Potato ‘Epicure’ is the traditional Ayrshire potato grown in cold regions for its ability to recover from a touch of frost. Ideal for boiling or steaming.

Best kitchen uses: BOIL 



Home Guard is a superior potato of excellent flavour that does not go floury like some varieties making it an excellent ‘boiled potato’. Both the skin and flesh is pure white. High yielding and with good resistance to scab, this explains why it  has continued to remain one of the gardener’s favourites since WWII.

Heritage variety     Best kitchen uses:  BOIL – BAKE – CHIP – ROAST



International Kidney. This is the variety that is sold as ‘Jersey Royals’, but they can only be called that if grown in the magical Jersey soil! Tubers are of a kidney shape with shallow eyes and white flesh/skin.

Heritage variety     Best kitchen uses:  BOIL – SALAD


Maris Bard

Maris Bard. Oval shaped with white skins, shallow tuber eyes and white flesh, best suited to boiling and early salad use in the kitchen – simply dig, wash, boil and serve. Good resistance against common scab.

Best kitchen uses:  BOIL – CHIP – SALAD



Pentland Javelin. Considered one of the best First Early varieties you can grow. Javelin produces heavy crops of oval white skinned tubers with pure white tasty flesh. Good all-round disease resistance.

Heritage variety     Best kitchen uses: BOIL – CHIP – SALAD



Premiere is a high yielding variety, oval-to-round in shape, with shallow eyes. They are popular due to their great all round disease and pest resistance. Premiere tubers have lemon coloured skin and flesh and is very tasty.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – CHIP –  ROAST – SALAD



Red Duke of York. Red skinned tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh. Red Dukes are a dry mealy potato packed with flavour. Does not disintegrate on boiling.

Heritage variety     Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – CHIP –  ROAST




Rocket. A very early bulking and heavy cropping first early variety producing almost round, white skinned and fleshed tubers. Rocket has good all round disease resistance including golden eelworm. Easy to grow and quick to produce ‘baby new potatoes’ and is particular well suited to growing in containers and potato bags.

Best kitchen uses: BOIL



Sharpes Express tubers are long and oval shaped with white skins and pale, lemon-coloured flesh. Their highly dry matter makes them a great potato in the kitchen with great all-round cooking use. These seed potatoes have a fine flavour and are best suited to boiling, roasting and chipping.

Best kitchen uses: BOIL – ROAST – CHIP



Swift is considered the earliest Early variety with crops harvested well within two months. A high yielding variety that produces a round to oval white tuber with creamy flesh. A real all-rounder in the kitchen with great disease resistance. An ideal variety to grow in containers for early use.

Organic – Heritage variety     
Best kitchen uses:   BAKE – BOIL – CHIP – MASH -SALAD