These are some of the ways that people can start  to get involved in our activities:
  • Come to Green Teas
  • Buy your seed potatoes at Potato Day
  • Help at Potato Day
  • Attend a Skill Share workshop
  • Take part in a discussion meeting
  • Pick apples for our Abundance project
  • Press abundance apples and give away the juice
  • Run a skill share workshop
  • Bring something to be repaired at Repair Café
  • Repair something for someone else at Repair Café
  • Help to look after the Transition stall at an event
  • Swap some produce
  • Swap seeds
  • Come to our events
  • Join the Community Garden project
  • Organise an event or project

There are opportunities for everyone.You will be really welcome and we hope you’ll have fun. We are all volunteers and we learn by doing things together. So don’t be shy. Come and join us.