Inspire Planting Planning Meeting: 14.2.24
Held at: Inspire Garden
1.  Potato Day Orders
  • We need to start chitting the first earlies in egg boxes in the caravan.
  • Garlic – to be sown in Plot C
  • Onions – to start off in 6 cells
2.  Green Manures
  • To sow field beans in Plot D
  • Review what green manures we have before ordering any more.
3.  Hot Boxes
  • Martin will go to the stables on 18.2.24 and bring “muck” back with him.
4.  Seeds to be started off now
 Celeriac (Martin) leeks (Mike and Angela) tomatoes and Chillies(Chris B).
  • Cumbers also need to be sown
5.  Lime
  • Plot A to have lime on it this year (Plot D last year)
6.  May Day Stall
  • We need to agree what we are going to grow for sale on May Day.  Tomatoes and strawberries agreed.  We need to make a decision about brassicas.
7.  Peas, Beans and Beetroot
  • Peas to be grown in gutters and then transferred to the top polytunnel to be grown on in there.  Mike will check when to start them off.
  • Start off Aquadulce and beetroot in 6 cells in the bottom polytunnel.
8.  Compost
  • Pauline to approach Wickes to try to get some free peat-free compost and bark chippings.
9.  Plot care and labelling
  • Weeding to continue and redefining of plot edges.  Chris B to print out tomato labels.
10.  Items for discussion at the next meeting
  • Herbs – where to plant this year?
  • Finance – how many events do we need to do to boost finances?
Next Meeting 6.3.24
Minutes from the Planting Planning Meeting of 29.11.23
Held at Inspire Garden
1.  Potato Day Orders
Helen has put orders in for the following :
Acoustic, Rocket, Carolus, Homeguard, Kestrel, Charlotte and Desiree potatoes.
Aquadulce and Sutton broad beans
Alderman and Oregon Sugar Pod peas
Blue Lake and Cobra climbing french beans
Scarlet Emperor and Enorma runner beans
After discussion, it was agreed Helen would add a variety of onion and a variety of hard necked garlic to the order.
2.  Seeds
The seeds used this last growing season were reviewed and it was decided not to grow :
Cauliflowers, peppers, Jack be Little or Achiki Kuri squashes (to grow lantern and crown prince squashes instead), marmande tomatoes (to grow  Roma plum tomatoes instead) swede ( to grow purple top turnips instead).
3.  Green Manures
To be bought in bulk after Potato Day.
Helen was thanked for her work with the Potato Day order and seed purchases.
Next Meeting – mid January, date to be confirmed.