What have we been doing!

June 2024

A successful open day despite the weather.  Lots of fresh pizzas served.
Still some plating out to be completed, Squashed and most Beans  in their beds.   Brassicas all in the ground and netted.

Thanks to a couple of generous donations we now have working petrol mowers needed to keep the site tidy

Still need to net the strawberries.

May 2024

May day stall of plants on the 6th May on the small Market side (West) on the lower edge of market.

April 2024

Plants prepared for May day sale

Beetroot and Onions all planted out, All potatoes now in the ground.
New Water system in use with taps suppling water to the garden.
Planting beds being prepared for the season.

Tomato and Chillies now ready for sale.

Lots of seed sowing – Runner Beans, French Beans, Broad Beans,  plus brassicas all in the poly tunnel,  Outside the first early Potatoes have gone in the ground

First sowing of Broad beans are being planted out.  Early sowing of French beans have been planted in one of the Poly tunnels.

Lots of the early sown seed both at peoples home or at the garden have been pricked out.

More Strawberry planters have been made as the others sold.

Lots of the coppiced trees has been logged, chopped and stored to dry out.

New fence posts have been put in to support the fence.

Lots of weeding and bed preparation continues.

March 2024

Tomato and Chilli plants pricked out to grow on for sale.

After 7 years the trees along the bottom of the garden needed to be re-coppiced.  The wood was then either used to make new fence posts or prepared for frying and use in the log burner.

All the fruit trees have been pruned and tied up ready for this season.

A lot of seeds have been sown and are doing very well.

The growing beads have started to be prepared ready for this seasons crops including the First early potatoes.

Lots to do at this time of year.

Feb 2024

Wickes in Chesterfield kindly provided us with a donation of materials needed to keep the garden running.  Roofing felt and Compost.

All collected using man power and wheelbarrows.

The Tomato and Chilli seeds for this season plants and sales have start to emerge.


While the Peach and Nectarine trees are in bloom.

Feb 25th 
Lots of logging of the coppiced trees, and creation of wood to be dried for the log burner.
Beetroot, Broad beans, Broccoli  and some herb seeds sown.
Garlic planted in pots while ground is prepared.