seed donationsAfter Potato Day at the end of January we had a quantity of left-over stock which has been on offer in a sale.

We would like to encourage schools, community groups etc. to now claim the remaining stock to grow seed potatoes and onion sets for educational or other social reasons. Our main aim to encourage people to experience ‘grow your own food’ and to enjoy the food particularly because of their work to produce it.

We ask that organisations wanting the free seed potatoes should order only that which they can grow as we would like to think that these donations are not wasted potential food!

Please send your requests for FREE SEED POTATOES  to:  please state the following:

1) Types of potato required (First or Second Early)?

2) Quantities of each required?

3) Onion sets and bean seeds can also be collected, if required?

4) The name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible for the request.

Collection can be made from the Inspire Community Garden.

Please enter the garden by the first gate on the foot/cycle path which runs from the Fairplay end of Alexandra Road West to Chester Street.

The garden is open in the Winter on Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm and Sundays between 10am and 3pm.  At these times the gate will be unlocked – push to enter,

The stock will remain available until it is all donated, we aim to not waste any of this surplus stock!

These donations are possible because of the success of Potato Day held each year by Transition Chesterfield.