Potato Day 2023 will be on Saturday 28th January

Pre orders open 10th October 2022



Plant Second Early seed potatoes mid-late March, dependant on weather conditions. All of our Scottish seed potatoes are supplied by JBA (Jamieson Brothers of Annan) and are certified virus free.

Apply 135g/sq m (4oz per sq yard) of fertiliser to the soil before planting and gently work into the soil.

Estimated harvest time 13 – 15 weeks.

Pre-order price = 15p each
Potato Day price = 16p each

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Bonnie is known for early production of bold even-sized tubers which are a must-have potato for the show bench. They have a bright skin finish with a red splash around the shallow eyes.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – MASH



Charlotte is the most popular salad potato in the UK. The tubers are long with yellow skin and waxy flesh. It has been awarded the RHS AGM.

Blight Resistant
Best kitchen uses: BOIL – MASH – SALAD



Estima seed potatoes are commonly the ‘baking potato’ of choice sold in most supermarkets, and produces heavy crops of large oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. They show good resistance to growth cracks and secondary growth, and are one of the most popular potato varieties in the UK.

Best kitchen uses: BOIL – MASH – BAKE




Gemson is known for very high yields of small, round and oval tubers. Bred from Maris Peer the tubers have smooth white skin and firm creamy flesh – perfect for boiling or steaming. A lovely salad spud with excellent disease resistance.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – SALAD



One of our overall best selling variety for many years!  One of the best tasting potatoes with excellent cooking qualities and disease resistance. If you only grow one variety then this is it!

Organic – Blight Resistant
Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – CHIP – MASH – ROAST



Maris Peer tubers are oval in shape with a firm creamy coloured flesh and white skin. Good resistance to diseases and unusually has scented flowers. A variety suited to second cropping for harvesting at Christmas.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – SALAD



Nadine tubers are round in shape with a clean, white skin and cream coloured flesh. A high yielding seed potato variety, Nadine produces many tubers at the root and are a popular showbench variety.

Best kitchen uses: BOIL



Nicola. A very popular salad variety with long oval tubers, yellow skin and waxy light yellow flesh. Another variety popular for late planting to harvest at Christmas. Good resistance to diseases.

Organic     Best kitchen uses: BOIL – MASH – SALAD



Sagitta are one of the best tasting potatoes available today. Mainly used in the chip shop trade, these tubers provide excellent, flushy mash and can be boiled well too.

Best kitchen uses: CHIP – BOIL



Wilja produces large consistent crops of light yellow skinned tubers. The flesh is yellow and firm and quite waxy. Very versatile in the kitchen. Very good resistance to scab.

Best kitchen uses: BAKE – BOIL – CHIP – MASH – ROAST