Potato Day 2025 will be on Saturday 25th January

Please find below some useful ‘extras’ to improve the chances of producing the very best possible potatoes this year!

If you’d like to buy larger quantities, please email us with your requirements: spud@potatoday.org.uk

Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser  1kg carton

This carefully balanced, 100% organic fertiliser has been specially developed to promote the sustained growth of potato tubers. Its effect is to help increase the size of your potato harvests.

This organic fertilizer is specially formulated for sustained growth of potato tubers. Suitable for use in potato barrels and other planters, this fabulous organic fertiliser is also suitable for other vegetable crops.

Simply apply as a top dressing at the time of planting according to the instructions on the pack and behold come potato harvesting season lots of lovely tasty spuds.

£3.50 per 1kg Carton


JBA Reusable Potato Planter

This is an all new design with a new handle on the bottom of the bag for easy tipping out. The new bag also retains 90% more water than the old design.

These high quality potato planter bags are produced by our seed potato suppliers (JBA) and are ideal for the keen gardener who is short on space or who wants to grow potatoes out of season on their patio, in a greenhouse or other suitable places.

You can grow bumper crops of potatoes in these handy 45 litre potato planters, and simply pick your crop as and when you need them. The base is 30cm (12”) square and they are 48cm (18”) tall.

These bags can be re-used due to their strength and quality, but do have a limited life when exposed to sunlight.

Compost and seed potatoes not provided with the potato planters.

1 planter for £2.50


coffee sack planter

Upcycled Coffee Sack Potato Planter

These sacks  are perfect for potatoes and are easy to roll down and up as you sow the seeds and earth up the bags. They are sewn at the base with a natural jute twine so they stand easily. These planters are produced by The Crop Club at Loughborough. Every coffee sack is unique and different and completely plastic free. Coffee sacks have already been used to transport coffee and they can be a little dirty and messy but they are perfect for the garden!