Crafters Bazaar

Artists and craft makers often build up a large stash of materials, tools, books and magazines and need to declutter or refresh their stock.

Chesterfield Crafters Bazaar is the place to buy and sell surplus materials alongside like-minded artists and crafters from across the local area.

This is Transition Chesterfield’s newest project, we aim to encourage more reusing of existing art and craft materials.

Chesterfield Crafters Bazaar will be a treasure trove for stitchers, knitters, weavers, artists. crafters and creatives.

So if you fancy selling off your hoard of crafty supplies, this is the perfect chance to put unwanted art and crafting materials back into circulation.

Make cash from your craft stash!

Trade your art and craft tools!

Sell on your stitching stash!

Pass on your pencils and paintbrushes!

Free up forgotten fabrics!

Resell your remnants!

Waste knot, want knot!

The first Crafters Bazaar will be held on Chesterfield market on Sunday July 10th 2022 from 10am to 3pm. Stalls cost £10

To reserve a stall for yourself or to share with a few friends, your craft group or for charity fundraising, contact us on

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