Eco Homes Open Event

Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 October

There’s a great opportunity in October to take a look around homes in and around Chesterfield where the owners have taken steps to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut fuel costs.

Properties old and new, big and small, will show a range of improvements from large-scale projects such as internal wall insulation, air source heat pumps and solar panels to small but effective measures costing little money. The owners will be on hand to chat about their experience in creating more eco-friendly homes.

Visiting a home is a great way to find out about the reality of getting solar panels, insulation, triple glazing, or new heating options without talking to a salesman. You can have a good look at the technology, ask the residents whether the installation was a hassle, and find out how much they’re really saving on their energy bills as a result.

Please note the term ‘Eco Home’ doesn’t have any standard definition, nor does it imply any particular measure of energy efficiency has been met. The homes we have selected have all been modified by their owners to improve their energy efficiency. We hope they might inspire you to take similar steps with your home.

There will be around 9 homes open in and around Chesterfield at set times over the weekend for visits. See below for details of all the homes taking part, dates/times of the tours and how to book. Please note that booking closes at 5pm the day before the homes are open.

There is a separate Eco Homes event taking place the same weekend in Hope Valley organised by Hope Valley Climate Action.  Details of the Hope Valley Eco Homes Weekend can be found on their website here

Hady: Chris and Carolyn (house 1)

This 1980’s brick detached house has Solar PV Panels connected to the grid, and solar panels which provide power for the 12V house lighting, phone and tablet charging, and mains battery storage. The loft is insulated with spray foam, the conservatory, which has an insulated roof, is used for passive heating of the main house and the conservatory has underfloor heating. There is also a solar-pumped garden water system and both the workshop and shed have solar lighting.

This home will be open on Satuday 7 October, 10-11am and 12-1pm. Booking details here.

Somersall: Tracy and David (house 2)

This 1960’s brick detached house has solar PV panels, a battery and an electric car charger fitted as an integrated system.

This home will be open on Saturday 7 October, 10-11am, 11am-12pm and 12-1pm. Booking details here

Brampton: Dave and Angela (house 3)

This 1930s brick detached house has PV solar panels (installed 2012) backed up by a combination microwave, induction hob, electric heaters, electric seat heaters and a smart meter display. The loft has 100mm insulation and is fully boarded out. They have 7 years experience of electric cars (including home charging), one electric folding bike, one manual folding bike with Swytch electric conversion. Over 1,000 litres of rainwater storage.

This home will be open on Saturday 7 October, 10-11am, 11am-12pm, 1-2pm and 2-3pmBooking details here

Brampton: Hilary (house 4)

This 1930’s brick mid-terrace has 8 in-roof solar panels and battery, loft insulation and double glazing throughout.

This house will be open Saturday 7 October, 11am-12pm (now full) and 2-3pm.  Booking details here

Brockwell: Lisa and Bill (house 5)

This 1950’s brick semi-detached house has an air source heat pump for heating/hot water, 12 solar PV panels, roof insulation (270mm plus thermal foil on rafters), cavity wall insulation and a composite (low U value) front door. All windows are double glazed, there are heat recovery fans in the kitchen and bathroom and they no longer have a gas supply.  They have multiple water butts.

This house will be open Sunday 8 October, 10-11am (now full), 11am-12pm (now full), 2-3pm and 3-4pm (now full). Booking details here

Brampton: Alastair (house 6)

This 120-year old end terrace has sheep’s wool internal insulation, wood fibre board & cork floor insulation, a new hot water tank with multiple inputs and mains pressure coil for shower, a wood burner, solar hot water, a small solar PV with inverter & battery running circuit for internet router & various ‘background’ electrical devices. Electric wet (radiators) central heating. There is an oak framed straw bale extension with triple glazed windows and green roof. Apart from the foundations for the extension all work carried out by Alastair, no contractors involved.

All tours are now sold out

This house will be open Sunday 8 October, 1-2pm (now full) & 2.30-3.30pm (now full). Booking details here

Pilsley: Andy and Bev (house 7)

These two 1912 terrace cottages knocked into one have central heating powered by a wood burner with a back boiler plus two other wood burners; solar thermal water heating, a multi-coil hot water cylinder, 18 solar PV panels for electricity; small scale remote solar power set ups; sheep wool insulation in the porch; rainwater harvesting (a slightly different approach) all done on a low budget (£10,000), DIY and recycled materials. They are also restoring their house back to original (1912) features as a long term project.

This house will be open Sunday 8 October, 11am-12pm, 1-2pm and 3-4pm. Booking details here

Brampton: Simon and Christine (house 8)

This Victorian end-terrace has an Air Source Heat Pump; solar (PV) panels with inverter; solar thermal tubes for heat & hot water; a thermal accumulator tank; a log burner that also heats hot water and underfloor wet heating. There is insulation on interior walls and in the loft, underfloor, and cavity walls. They have an IBC water butt.

All tours are now sold out

This house will be open Sunday 8 October, 2-3pm (now full) and 4-5pm (now full). Booking details here

Rother: Barbara (house 9)

This 1930’s semi-detached has 14 solar (PV) panels and loft and cavity wall insulation.

This house will be open Sunday 8 October, at 10-11am. Booking details here