What is Transition Chesterfield doing?

1.  Improvements to walking and cycling routes

Transition Chesterfield want to see Chesterfield become more pedestrian and cycle-friendly.

In order to promote walking and reduce dependency on cars Transition Chesterfield  worked with Chesterfield Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council, the Ramblers, and Walking for Health groups in 2013, to map and audit key walking routes in the borough, and identify gaps and areas for improvement.  We produced a detailed list of hundreds of improvements needed across Chesterfield. For info on results of the audts and suggested improvements for different areas please contact hello@transitionchesterfield.org.uk.uk .  For an earlier audit of improvements in and around the town centre click here Pedestrian Audit July 2010

Transition Chesterfield works closely with the Chesterfield Cycle Campaign (CCC) who aim to improve cycling infrastructure and facilities in Chesterfield.  CCC have lots of useful info and resources on their website and produce the Chesterfield Cycle Map.

The Cycle Campaign work closely with Derbyshire County Council to implement the ‘Chesterfield Cycle Network’. A long term goal to achieve a joined up network of colour coded cycle routes across the town. Here is a page with the schematic map of the system when complete.  Here is a Myth busting document about the proposed Chesterfield East West Walking and Cycling Route.

Transition Chesterfield was one of a number of Derbyshire groups who submitted a Proposal for an emergency transport plan for Derby and Derbyshire to Derbyshire County Council in May 2020.

2.  Planning issues

We need a safe, sustainable and integrated transport system but the way we travel and the continued growth in road traffic is damaging our towns, harming our countryside and contributing to climate change.  Land use planning needs to be closely integrated with transport planning to achieve a sustainable transport system. By shaping the pattern of development and influencing the location, scale, density, design and mix of land uses, planning can help to reduce the need to travel, reduce the length of journeys and make it safer and easier for people to access jobs, shopping, leisure facilities and services by public transport, walking, and cycling.

Transition Chesterfield makes submissions on planning and transport planning consultations or individual planning applications to try and ensure that transport and land-use planning are better integrated to reduce reliance on cars. Please see attached our response to the consultation on the Chesterfield Staveley Regeneration Route here.

3.  20’s Plenty

20’s Plenty is a national campaign to reduce speed limits in urban residential areas to 20mph.  Over 50 local authorities have done or are starting to do this.

We support this campaign for Chesterfield because the benefits are enormous in terms of reduced road casualties, improved public health and a better quality of life for local people in residential streets where people walk and cycle.

The UK’s Public Health Manifesto recommends 20mph limits to encourage more walking and cycling. In Europe 20mph speed limits are the foundation of cycling and walking policies.  20mph is the top evidence based policy to increase active travel according to a Public Health England and LGA report.

In 2015 Derbyshire County Council (DCC) consulted on introducing 20mph limits on residential streets. Follow this link for our Response to the consultation.  We argue there is sufficient evidence on the benefits to warrant the introduction of area-wide 20mph limits in Chesterfield. There are now over 50 local authorities implementing 20mph as the default speed limits in residential areas. We urge DCC not to wait until it is a national requirement.

Click here for a leaflet on how 20mph speed limits can benefit Chesterfield.

4.  Walk leaflets

Transition Chesterfield produced a series of 6 leaflets of car-free walks in the Peak District for people who don’t have cars or who want to leave them at home. These were funded by the Peak District National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund, and supported by Peak Connections. Links below to download the leaflets. Because the bus times have radically changed since these were first published, we have omitted the original bus timetables and just provided routes, so you will need to check bus times at www.derbysbus.info/times/

Our ‘Car Free Walk’, is a circular walk from the railway station to the hospital and back. Download the leaflet here.

If you would like to get involved or for more information on any of the above please contact hello@transitionchesterfield.org.uk.uk

Other ‘Car Free Walk’ leaflets;

Baslow to Bakewell

Robin Hood circular

Wardlow to Monsal

Matlock to Winster

Middleton to Bakewell

Baslow to Froggart